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This is the official blog of the Askals. You can check out gig schedules, music lyrics, and other infos about the band. Check out from time to time to see the latest news about the band. You can also check out some rants and worthless views of the individual contributors here on this site.
12/13/2008 02:25:00 AM

Blog Theme Updated

Posted by Nightfall

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I just updated the blog site, I think the former template is getting bland and boring. The following are the changes that you will notice on the site.

  1. Change the site's color themes.
  2. Convert the site to 3 columns template.
  3. Modified the banner. See the new Askals logo.
  4. Added a video bar on the left side where you can watch some Askals video.
  5. Added some new advertisement, I just have to add it! A bands got to eatt! .:-)
  6. Added a donation button, if you are so willing to donate, we really appreciate it.
  7. There are still some changes to me made, so this is still a work in progress.


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