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2/22/2007 09:43:00 AM

Downloading Youtube Videos

Posted by Nightfall

Some of you may want to download our videos posted on Youtube. So I whip out this nice short tutorial on how to download Youtube videos. First of all you need to have the latest Firefox web browser, although older versions can also be used. No I dont use Internet Explorer , I havent tried using it to download Youtube videos, and its buggy anyway. We will use Firefox because , on Firefox we can add features by installing add-ons/extensions. Ok the step by step instructions below.

1. Download the latest Firefox version. Get it here.
2. Install and launch the web browser.
3. Go to Mozilla Firefox add on page and install the VideoDownloader add-on here.
4. Restart the browser after the add-on has been installed. After installation you will now see a small icon on the status bar of your browser.
5. Go to Youtube and view your favorite video.
6. Download the video by clicking on the VideoDownloader icon on your browser's status bar. A new window will open, just follow the instruction.

Ok, you've just downloaded the video, what now? You need to rename the video to whatever title you want and change the file extension to.flv. If you dont rename the file it will be overwritten when you download another video. The downloaded video is in flash video format so you cannot play it on windows media player or any normal media player, soyou need to download the FLVPlayer. Download it here.
Well thats just about it.. easy? Now you can download and view your favorite Askals video and some pr0n too.. :-) Ok happy viewing.


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