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1/08/2007 03:46:00 PM

First Post for 2007

Posted by askals

Happy New Year!! THis is our first post for 2007. THe site hasnt been updated for quite a while but for 2007 we planned to post regularly ( I hope :-) ). Soon we will be posting some of the photos taken during the last Oi attack gig last December 30 at Purple Haze bar. There are also some footages taken during the gig and we'll be posting it soon at Youtube. We are scheduled to play that night but because of the fight that broke out , the gig was stopped halfway thru the set of Beauty of Doubt. But nonetheless we enjoyed the whole event, and importantly we got drunk!! Salamat Liway!! :-)


nikki said...

salamat din sa inyo guys! if not with you guys, the fun is not gonna be possible!!!! wag kayong madadala ha? But, as a matter of fact, ako ata yung nadala maga pare eh!!! salamat ulit

Anonymous said...

Kaw ba yan Ligaya? esteh Liway?

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