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11/18/2006 10:16:00 PM

Gig Schedule: Xmas On The Rocks

Posted by Nightfall

Xmas on the Rocks
When: Dec 15, 2006
Where: San Andres Sports Complex
Agaw Agimat
Grin Department
Philippine Violaters
Hard K
and more...


Anonymous said...

hello I'm an avid fan of the grin department....I';m so excited that they'll be havinga gig again on dec...please please can I ask for some of their pictures thanks so much!

Kate said...

hello can i ask for some of pictures of grin department band. I've been searching for their pictures for so long but I haven't seen one. I really like their song... And Can I have a schedule of their gigs....please! thank you in advance.

Kate of Quezon City

Anonymous said...

you can send their pictures at my email add and it's kblanco@yahoo.com...thanks

nightfall said...

thanks for dropping by Askals blog..We'll try to get some pictures of Grin Department during the gig.. we're not promising anything but we will try..thanks again..

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