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10/12/2006 10:29:00 AM

Liberated Emotional Expression Album Launching

Posted by Nightfall

This coming Saturday October 14, 2006 will be the launching of the Liberated Emotional Expression Compilation album from Wordcore. The compilation will feature some of the mainstays of the local underground music scene. Venue will be at the Purple Haze bar near E Rodriguez cor T Morato QC. I still dont have the details of who will be performing during the launching , but definitely Askals will be there and also some of the guys from Wordcore. I will just post updates as soon as I have my internet connection restored at home (im posting this from the office, heheh) because those fckng morons at PLDT still have'nt acted on my complaints which is almost two weeks old now. Oh WTF!! Just see you on Saturday! Peace!


Dead Curse said...

La ba update sa Gig Sched ng mga Asong ito?

nightfall said...

dead curse
Just posted a gig update, Oct 28 Crappy Halloween...
Thanks for dropping by our blog.

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