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3/31/2006 10:25:00 PM

Early Incarnation of Askals

Posted by Nightfall

Some photos way back 1989. It was somewhere in Mandaluyong as I remebered it, we were invited to play on some party..Early incarnation of the Askals, we were then called Sleaze Dogs..Included are the present members of the Askals, Kino and Emer. Also included on the photos are Ricky , former drummer of Philippine Violators and now with the band Rubberband based in Queens, New York , Balot, Dwight, Van, Lester, Bong and me. Our gears then consists of a Gibson Fying V, Fender Bass, some DIY speakers and a basic drumset. For guitar effects I got a BOSS Metalizer, I bought it cheap (PHP 500) from another guitarist. Well thats about it, a very basic set up back when we're starting.



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